This week I have learnt about Temperature.

First we explained what is the coldest conutry and the Temperature. We get the Temperature and the sunlight.

Then we created a DLO explaining the Temperature and the sunlight The coldest contry is Norway with the snow.

Next, I find the the coldest contry witha snow and ice around and Norway was the one.

Lastly we write down the Temperature and added picture. And the coldest anmial can survive. But for us humans we can’t survive.

I enjoyed learning about Temperature. I did well at finding the Norway country. I need to improve on Working more faster.



One thought on “Temperature

  1. Malo e lelei Ane

    I enjoyed reading your blog post about Temperature. I also did a temperature but it’s where we had to put hot water in the sink, put the thermometer and then we had to put a cold pack in the water. I like how you explained what was the coldest country and what their temperature was. I think you need to improve on trying to add more information. Would you rather go to a coldest country or the hottest country?

    Good Job!!
    From Siniva Taumoepeau

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